Delivery No.​ Task No. Deliverable Title Date Delivery Type Disclosure Level
E1.1  T1.2 Use case / study and related legal, social and ethical issues 03/2020  Document Confidential
E1.2 T1.3 Study of technology with potential application 03/2020  Document Confidential
E1.3 T1.4 Functional and Technical Requirements Analysis Report 03/2020  Document Confidential
E2.1 T2.2 System Architecture Notebook and Component Technical Specifications 06/2020  Document Confidential
E2.2 T2.3 Specification Book for Communication Protocols and Security and Privacy Mechanisms 06/2020  Document Confidential
E2.3 T2.4 Knowledge extraction plan 06/2020  Document Confidential
E3.1 T3.1 Base framework and data collection module 03/2022 Software Confidential
E3.2 T3.2 Processing modules 03/2022 Software Confidential
E3.3 T3.3 Information and alert availability modules 03/2022 Software Confidential
E3.4 T3.4 Test report 03/2022 Document Confidential
E4.1 T4.2 Model for predicting sleepiness states 03/2022 Software Confidential
E4.2 T4.3 Models for pathology detection and sleep quality assessment  03/2022 Software Confidential
E4.3 T4.4 Algorithm for classifying individuals in relation to circadian rhythm 03/2022 Algorithm Confidential
E4.4 T4.5 Validation report of forecast and diagnostic models 03/2022 Report Confidential
E5.1 T5.1 Detailed prototype specification 05/2022 Document Confidential
E5.2 T5.2 Prototype of the Sono ao Volante 2.0 System 09/2022 Software Confidential
E5.3 T5.3 Prototype / Sono ao Volante 2.0 validation report 09/2022 Report Confidential
E6.1 T6.1 Dissemination plan 09/2022 Document Confidential
E6.2 T6.2 Promotional stuff 09/2022 Document Public
E6.3 T6.3 Project website 09/2022 Website Public
E6.4 T6.4 Technological and technical-scientific dissemination reports 09/2022 Report Confidential
E6.5 T6.4 Scientific articles 09/2022 Document Public
E7.1 T7.1 Project progress reports 09/2022 Report Confidential