Marco No. Task No. Date Landmark Title Means of Verification
M1.1 T1.2  12/2019  Use Case / specified study Document
M1.2   T1.2  03/2020 Analysis of the legal and ethical issues of the project completed Document
M1.3  T1.3   03/2020 Technology study completed Document
M1.4  T1.4  03/2020 Functional and Technical Requirements Analysis completed Document
M2.1  T2.2 02/2020 1st Version of the System Architecture Document
M2.2  T2.2  06/2020 Specified System Architecture and Components Document
M2.3  T2.3 06/2020 Communication Protocols and Security and Privacy Mechanisms specified Document
M2.4  T2.4  06/2020 Specified classification, forecasting and knowledge extraction models Document
M3.1  T3.1  06/2020 1st version of the data collection application developed Software
M3.2 T3.1 12/2020 Base framework and data collection module developed Software
M3.3  T3.2 09/2021  Process modules developed Software
M3.4  T3.3 09/2021 Information and alert availability module developed Software
M3.5  T3.4  03/2022 Integration, tests and validation of the modules performed Software
M4.1  T4.1 09/2020 First sample / set of sleep data collected Data base
M4.2  T4.1  03/2022  Sample / total set of sleep data collected Data base
M4.3  T4.2 12/2020 First version of a model for predicting sleepiness states Algorithm
M4.4  T4.2  03/2022  Model for predicting sleepiness states developed and validated Algorithm
M4.5  T4.3 12/2020 First version of a model for pathology detection and sleep quality assessment Algorithm
M4.6  T4.3 03/2022 Models for pathology detection and sleep quality assessment developed and validated Algorithm
M4.7  T4.4  03/2022 Algorithm for classifying individuals in relation to the developed and validated circadian rhythm Algorithm
M5.1  T5.1  05/2022  Prototype conception carried out Document
M5.2  T5.2  05/2022  1st Sprint of the Sono ao Volante 2.0 Prototype System Software
M5.2  T5.2  09/2022 Prototype of the Sono ao Volante 2.0 System developed Software
M5.3  T5.3  09/2022  Validated Sono ao Volante 2.0 Prototype System Report
M6.1  T6.1 09/2020 1st Update of the Dissemination Plan Document
M6.2  T6.1 09/2022 Deep and updated dissemination plan Document
M6.3  T6.2  09/2020 Promotional material developed Document
M6.4  T6.3 09/2020  Project website developed Website
M6.5  T6.4  09/2022 Technological and technical-scientific dissemination reports prepared Document
M6.6  T6.4  09/2022  Scientific articles submitted Documents
M7.1 T7.1  09/2022 Completion of the project Final report