Sono ao Volante

The main goal of the Sono ao Volante project is to develop a first prototype of a low-cost, non-intrusive integrated information system that allows for the prediction of sleep behind the wheel and the detection of disturbance or chronic sleep deprivation with a view to advancing scientific and technological solution to the problem of “sleep at the wheel”.

This information system will use, as a base, a pulse device, which will provide information on heart rate through Photoplethysmography sensors (PPG - Photoplethysmogram) and amount of oxygen in the blood (SPO2), hereinafter referred to as biometric signals or data. , as well as data on body movement based on the values ​​of the accelerometer and gyroscope, hereinafter referred to as signals or physical data.
This information will be used for the detection of sleep disorders and also for continuous monitoring to predict sleep while driving. The information system will be divided into two main subsystems.
The subsystem that will allow the prediction of sleep at the wheel, which includes the continuous monitoring of biometric signals while driving to issue an alert when there is a forecast that, in a short period of time, the driver will show signs of sleep.
The subsystem for the detection of disturbance or chronic sleep deprivation whose mission is to detect the possible existence of sleep disturbance (in particular sleep apnea and disturbances of the circadian rhythm) to, according to the law, send for evaluation drivers who need it, distinguishing from the possible chronic deprivation on which, when detected, a notification will be issued to the driver.