Instituto do Sono, Centro Clínico e Investigação(IS-CCI)

Use case / study specification. Collection and analysis of sleep data. Validation of sleep prediction models and detection of sleep disorders. Prototype validation. Promotion and wide dissemination of results.

IS-CCI provides clinical services in the field of sleep medicine. To this end, it brings together a clinical staff prepared to provide consultations for sleep disorders, with the differentiation and scope essential to its mission.IS-CCI is currently present in the new Center for Sleep Medicine and Psychiatry Service of Hospital CUF (Porto). These modern facilities, equipped with the latest technology to perform all the examinations associated with sleep disorders, provide a totally dedicated space that allows you to offer the best monitoring of your patients. It is also worth mentioning the participation in several international projects in the sleep area, mainly through Dr. Marta Gonçalves (its founder).

In this project, the IS-CCI team will have the following employees:

Dr.ª Marta Gonçalves
Graduated in Medicine (University of Porto, specializing in Psychiatry) and Master in Psychiatry and Mental Health by the same University. She is currently a PhD student in Public Health (University of Porto). She is a Invited Professor of Sleep Medicine in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Neurosciences, Neuropsychiatry and Mental Health, at the same University. In 2012, she was certified as a Sonologist by ESRS and, in the same year, she was appointed by the Order of Doctors to the Commission on Sleep Medicine and was requested, by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Health, to be a scientific consultant in the National Program for Respiratory diseases. In 2014, she was certified as a specialist in Sleep Medicine by the Portuguese Medical Association. Since 2011 she is Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine at Hospital CUF (Porto).Its clinical activity is vast, with milestones as Foundation and Clinical Direction of IS-CCI - Instituto do Sono Centro Clínico e Investigação, Lda, since 1995; and internships at the Sleep Laboratory at Hospital Santa Maria, Lisbon; Sleep Disorders Center, Stanford; Karolinska Institutet, Sweden; Ospedale Sant’Andrea, Rome; Center de sommeil, Hotel Dieu, Paris. He chaired the Portuguese Sleep Association between 2008 and 2013. At the European Sleep Research Society, he was a member of the European Committee between 2012 and 2016, a member of the Board of Directors between 2014 and 2016 and a member of the Sleep Medicine Committee since 2017. In addition, he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies (EC-ANSS) between 2012 and 2016. Since 1996, he has organized and taught postgraduate courses in the field of sleep medicine, for general practitioners, specialist doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Over the years, it has organized and participated in national and international congresses, as well as published several scientific articles in the field of sleep medicine, with emphasis on participation in several international projects, including the European Neurological Network, as well as the role in the scientific committee and authorship of the first study on 'Drowsiness at the wheel and accidents', in 2011, promoted by the Associação Portuguesa do Sono. She is a researcher and clinical responsible for the European project Clockwork (AAL-2013-6- 055) “Smart System for the Management and Control of Shift Workers’ Circadian Rhythm ”.

Study Coordinator
Professional with training in medical sciences or similar, who will be responsible for the management and technical realization of the project by IS-CCI. You must have capacity and experience in team management, good communication skills with patients and skills in organizing scientific work, ease and experience in working with databases and the various computer tools. Rigor and experience in proofreading and international presentations / communications. Fluency in spoken and written English. It should be noted that IS-CCI already has a person with this profile, and the possibility of hiring a person with this profile is not ruled out.

Neurophysiology Techniques 1 e 2
Neurophysiology professional with extensive training in sleep and experience in the area for more than 5 years and with European title of sonologist technician. Experience in assembling the various complementary diagnostic tests in the field of sleep medicine, such as polysomnography, the multiple sleep latency test, actigraphy, among others. Ability to classify the different stages of sleep and to classify the various pathological events during sleep. Good computer skills.