Optimizer - LITEC

Analysis and definition of system requirements. System architecture definition. Technical specifications, component development and testing. Prototype design, development, construction and validation. Promotion and wide dissemination of results.

Optimizer's current R&D team gathers high advanced technical and scientific knowledge, namely in the areas of database administration, network administration, BI, SOA, development of desktop and mobile applications with a focus on health, and with significant experience in R&D projects. With regard to human resources, Optimizer allocated to the project a team capable of responding to the proposed challenges, integrating multidisciplinary profiles in the identified key areas, namely:

Victor Carvalho
Optimizer Business Manager. Responsible for the area of ​​ID&T, and Internationalization. In addition, it supports the development and growth of the company. It also accumulates the management of co-financed projects. Before joining Optimizer, he was the Director of SI at Grupo Amorim and Grupo SL, where he developed and implemented an SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning) in several companies. In addition, he worked with OLAP tools, with which he created an Executive Information System for the financial and sales areas. He has international experience in several countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Brazil and Mozambique. Degree in Systems Engineering and Informatics from the University of Minho. Throughout his professional career, he obtained extensive training in areas such as management and leadership.

Joaquim Gonçalves
PhD in Information Sciences by Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering by FEUP and graduated in Applied Mathematics - scientific branch. At Optimizer, he is the scientific coordinator and principal investigator at LITEC, highlighting his participation in the QoLIS, QVida + and EUSTRESS projects. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at EST - Escola Superior de Tecnologia of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, where he was president of the pedagogical council (2 years), director of the Informatics course (4 years), coordinator of the Erasmus program (3 years) and member of CPAD (Data Processing and Analysis Center) where he developed work in the field of biostatistics, he is currently director of the Medical Informatics course. Conducts research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Health Informatics, Quality of Life, Quality Assessment Systems, Biostatistics, Information Systems and Databases. Developed the QoLiP project at the Porto IPO. He is the author of several publications in international journals and conferences with ISI and / or SCOPUS indexing, he is co-editor of the special collection of the Journal of Medical Systems, Health Information Systems & Technologies, he has a published book and two book chapters in the related evaluation area with health systems.

Alexandre Pereira
Systems Architect, Administrator of Application Servers and creator of databases with more than 10 years of experience in Architecture, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Systems, Databases and Applications. Throughout his career he has worked in the most diverse sectors, from health services, telecommunications, insurance and retail. Since 2012, he has been involved in the implementation of the new Public Health system, with national scope, which will replace the current systems and bring health services to the 21st century. Participates in the R&D projects QVida + and EUSTRESS.

Rui Lopes
Business Unit Manager (Responsible for the applications area) at Optimizer, has a degree in Management Informatics from the University of Minho. With 15 years' experience in requirements analysis, functional specifications and solution development through the use of Oracle's database and development tools. Participated in ERP software development teams, has experience in developing solutions for certain sectors of activity (environment, beverage industry, laboratories), and is currently involved in finding solutions and applications for the health area, being involved in Health projects Metrology and QoLIS, directing Optimizer's internal group and supporting the commercial area in the marketing process of the products developed. Participates in the R&D projects QVida + and EUSTRESS.
Maribel Oliveira
Analyst / Programmer specialized in Oracle technology, has a degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. He participated in several projects in health services, telecommunications, retail sales and administration. He has been working with Oracle technology for over 20 years, especially in Oracle Forms, Reports, APEX and PL / SQL. Participated in more than 12 health-related projects in the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS). These projects favor the creation of an ICT solution to centralize national health centers: connection of the doctor's support system to the Oral Health Information System, integration with the Electronic Prescription of Medicines and implementation of a module for administrative support, allowing the registration and payment by patients for subsidiary acts. Participates in the R&D projects QVida + and EUSTRESS. 

Pedro Madureira
He has been a consultant and analyst / programmer in Oracle technology since 2006 at Optimizer, and has a degree in Management Informatics and a Postgraduate degree in Information Systems from Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique - Porto. He has extensive experience in analysis, design and specification of processes, developments in Oracle PL / SQL, Oracle JDeveloper, ADF, BPEL, Java, Shell Scripting, Oracle Pro * C and Oracle Forms 9i, Oracle Business Process Analysis, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Process Analysis, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle ServiceOriented Architecture (SOA), Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and Oracle Business Process Management (BPM). Previously, he held the position of Specialist Technician, integrated in the Information and Communication Systems Unit of INESC Porto. Participates in the EUSTRESS R&D project.

Rose Silva
Business Intelligence Consultant, has a degree in Technologies and Information Systems and a postgraduate degree in Information Systems from the University of Minho. Previously working at Optimizer, he performed Software Tester functions in an international ICT company in the health sector. He has worked mostly in the telecommunications industry and has been responsible for functional and systems testing. Its main functions are the design, writing and execution of test cases with the aid of the quality center and based on the concepts assimilated in the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certification. At the moment he is working on studying the structure of information and data mining related to the health sector in Portugal. Participates in the R&D projects QVida + and EUSTRESS.

Analyst / Programmer
Professional with a degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science and more than a year of work experience, with experience in developing applications for mobile devices and the Web, as well as technical knowledge in the areas of Mobility and User Interface such as HTML 5.0 , Java Script, C ++, Objective C ++, C #, Visual Studio 2010, NET Framework 4.0 and Phonegap Framework, Silverlight, C #, VB, SOA, BPMN, ADF, J2EE. It should be noted that Optimizer has people with this profile, and the possibility of hiring a person with this profile is not ruled out.