The realization of this project implies the mobilization of a team with specific and complementary competences, that guarantee the accomplishment of the activities of efficient and effective way.

The project teams bring together a set of human resources with consolidated academic and technical training and experience, with emphasis on: Systems and Informatics Engineering; Electronic and Computer Engineering; Artificial Intelligence and Computation; Mathematics; Information Systems and Technologies; Medicine, Psychiatry and Mental Health; Sleep Medicine; Clinical Physiology; and Health Technologies.

The four entities will be involved practically in the development of all the activities of the project. However, in view of the differentiation of their competences and experiences, the contribution of each in some areas stands out, namely:

Analysis and definition of system requirements;
System architecture definition;
Technical specifications, component development and testing;
Prototype design, development, construction and validation;
Promotion and wide dissemination of results.

Instituto do Sono, Centro Clínico e Investigação(IS-CCI)​
Use case / study specification;
Collection and analysis of sleep data;
Validation of sleep prediction models and detection of sleep disorders;
Prototype validation;
Promotion and wide dissemination of results.

Specification and construction of machine learning models for pathology detection and sleep quality assessment;
Design and development of the algorithm for classifying individuals in relation to circadian rhythm;
Promotion and wide dissemination of results.

Study of the most appropriate technologies for carrying out the project;
Specification of Communication Protocols and Security and Privacy Mechanisms;
Time series analysis to predict sleepiness states;
Promotion and wide dissemination of results.