The creation of an integrated non-intrusive information system, which does not interfere with the individual's daily life and which allows for the prediction of sleep behind the wheel.

The overall objective of the Sono ao Volante project is the development of a first prototype of an integrated non-intrusive and low-cost information system that allows the prediction of sleep behind the wheel and detection of disturbance or chronic sleep deprivation with a view to scientific and technological advancement in solving the "sleep at the wheel" problem.

Concept and Proposed Solution

Creation of a sleep prediction system and integrate a system for detecting disturbance or chronic sleep deprivation, creating a system that integrates intelligent algorithms for detecting sleep disorders, predicting the state of sleepiness and classifying the circadian rhythm of each individual.


Evaluate, monitoring and predict the sate of sleep while driving and detect disturbance or chronic sleep deprivation.
The system will use, as base, a pulse device that will provide information on heart rate through sensors and the amount of oxygen in the blood, called biometric signals or data, as well as data on body movement called signals or data physicists.
This information will be used for the detection of sleep disorders and also for continuous monitoring to predict sleep while driving.